As the European sales representation of our manufacturers, our company is providing the connecting link to the direct customers and distributors. The focus of our line card is on capacitors and resistors. I’m very glad about your interest in our products and I’m always at your disposal for your inquiries.

Dieter Burger


The flat and narrow helix windings permit a very low DC resistance with a much higher current carrying capability than comparable inductors with round wire.

This components are characterized by a soft saturation, a very low stray inductance, a high stability of the inductance-values over the whole temperature-range as well as a very low power-loss.

The different series are available in heights between 20mm and 49mm, the inductance-range covers 1.5uH to 260uH.

Customer-specific specifications are possible upon request.

Detailed information referring the complete product-range can be found here…

The datasheets of all series can be found here…