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Dieter Burger


Ty-Ohm offers following types of shunt-resistors for current sensing applications:






SMW-series: in SMD-version, 2W, 3W and 5W, 0.01 Ohm – 500 Ohm, Tol. +/- 1%, 5%.

If e.g. several chip-resistors are being connected in parallel for the application of current sensing, then they could be replaced by just one resistor from the SMW-series. In this way, the total space-requirement on the PCB and the assembly-cost will be reduced, and there will be no dispersion of the tolerance like it can be the case when several individual components are being used.

The SMW-series has an excellent heat-dissipation characteristic, therefore the specified rated power can be reached within very compact dimensions.
An excellent long-term stability even under high temperatures and high humidity is assured by the special molded packaging.


KNP-series: Axial Wirewound Resistors, 0.25W-10W, 0.01 Ω – 3.300 Ω,  Tol. +/- 1%, 2%, 5%.

NKNP-series: Non-Inductive resin-paint axial Wirewound Resistors, 0.5W-10W, 0.01 mΩ -10 mΩ, Tol. +/- 2%, 3%, 5%.

WOR-series, Shunt 3 mΩ +/-5%, Wire-bridge, diameter 0.6mm-2.6mm, pitch 5mm – 20mm.

CSR-series, Precision Current Sense Resistors, Wire-bridge,  5 mΩ -25 mΩ, Tol. +/- 1%, 2%, 5%.


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