As the European sales representation of our manufacturers, our company is providing the connecting link to the direct customers and distributors. The focus of our line card is on capacitors and resistors. I’m very glad about your interest in our products and I’m always at your disposal for your inquiries.

Dieter Burger

Welson - LogoThe company Welson has more than 30 years of experience to develop and to produce Ceramic Disc Capacitors. The factory is located in Dongguan/China.

The high specialization assures a constant high quality, short lead-times and a competitive price-level.


Ceramic Disc Capacitors Ceramic Disc Capacitors - taped Ceramic Disc Capacitors - bulk


The datasheets of following Ceramic Disc Capacitors from Welson can be found here:

WD-series: Y1- Safety Recognized, 1pF – 0.01µF, -25°C/+125°C.

KL-series: Y2- Safety Recognized, 1pF – 0.015µF, -25°C/+125°C.

WR-series: Low Dissipation Factor (0,2% max.), 330pF – 1.200pF, 500V – 2.000V, -25°C/+125°C.

HV-series: High Voltage , 3pF – 10nF, 500V – 6.000V, -25°C/+125°C.


More information to the company Welson can be found here.