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Dieter Burger


Capacitors from the series B43 from BM have following characteristics:

– Meeting the requirements of IEC 60384-14 for X2-Capacitors.

– Capacitance-range from 0.1µF to 25µF.

– Rated voltage 310Vac and 350Vac.

– Dielectric: PP due to its higher dielectric strength, lower loss-factor and lower humidity-coefficient than PET.

– Capacitor element: with inner series connection:

– Reducing the voltage per connection by half.

– Significant increase of Partial Discharge Inception Voltage (PDIV / Corona) compared to capacitors without inner series connection.

– Electrode metallization: avoiding Zinc in the active metallization area, as it is highly sensitive to the presence of humidity.

– Applying high-end epoxy resin.

– Using a box material with low permeability to humidity.

– Increased strength of the contacts between lead-wires and winded element

– Outstanding results in a humidity robustness test with 85°C, 85% RH and biased voltage for 1.000 hours. The average ΔC/C is significantly below 5%.

– Excellent results in a Partial Discharge Test (Corona) from a European test-lab.

– Reliable Fail-safe characteristics.

– Highly resistant to an active and passive flammability.

The datasheet of the series B43 from BM can be found here…