As the European sales representation of our manufacturers, our company is providing the connecting link to the direct customers and distributors. The focus of our line card is on capacitors and resistors. I’m very glad about your interest in our products and I’m always at your disposal for your inquiries.

Dieter Burger
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Film Capacitors from BM now also available in Europe
The products of the second largest Chinese manufacturer of Film Capacitors, the company BM from Foshan/China, are now also available in Europe.

With an annual turnover of more than 100 Mio. US$ and 1.400 employees, BM belongs to the globally largest manufacturer of Film Capacitors.

As the European Sales-Representation of BM, COMPOTEC is responsible for the extension of BM’s European sales-network and to provide the support service for BM’s direct customers and distributors.
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Extremly robust X2 Film Capacitors from BM
The X2 Capacitors from BM’s series B43 assure best results in tests to verify the robustness against humidity corrosion and partial discharges (corona).

This makes them very suitable for applications in EMI Filtering or AC Filtering of power electronics. The very high robustness against a premature aging assures that the electronic device will always maintain its initial EMI values. Furthermore, it avoids that the operation of the electronic device pollutes the mains in an uncontrolled way with high ripple currents.

The very narrow tolerance of the aging characteristics makes this capacitors also very suitable for applications like capacitive power supplies or capacitive voltage dividers.
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DC-link Film Capacitors from BM – box type and cylindrical type
BM offers high-grade DC-link film capacitors for the application in power electronics. The product-range covers plastic box types in leaded version as well as the cylindrical version in either plastic or metallic cases.

High attention is given to the aspects Fail-Safe, humidity-robustness and long lifetime-expectancy.
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Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors from Samxon – radial, Snap-in and Screw-terminal types
Samxon has gained more than 30 years` experience in the production of radial, Snap-in and Screw-terminal electrolytic capacitors.

The factory in Dongguan/China is the biggest factory globally to produce Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors.
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Perfectly suited for applications with SiC- and GaN- MOSFET’s -
High current coils with flat helix winding from Elytone
The high current coils with flat helix winding from Elytone are perfectly suited for applications with SiC- und GaN- MOSFET's:

- high saturation currents up to 75A (SMD up to 68A).
- very low power-loss and temperature-rise.
- very low stray inductance.
- high stability of the inductance value over the whole temperature-range.
- Low skin-effect in high frequency applications.
- Available in very compact housings – both leaded and SMD.
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Y1-, Y2-, Low DF- and HV- Ceramic Disc Capacitors from Welson/Taiwan
The company Welson from Taiwan is highly specialized in the production of Ceramic Disc Capacitors. This specialization permits a competitive price-level, short lead-times and a high quality-level.

The production-range includes Y1- and Y2- Safety recognized Ceramic Disc Capacitors, as well as Ceramic Disc Capacitors with low Dissipation-Factor and for High Voltage applications.
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Inrush-current limiting Resistors to charge the DC-Link Capacitor – Wirewound Fixed Resistors from Ty-Ohm
For the application of inrush-current limiting charging resistors, the company Ty-Ohm offers a wide range of wirewound fixed resistors.

Please see detailed information to the product range and to the benefits of limiting inrush-currents with wirewound fixed resistors instead with temperature-dependent resistors.
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Current Sensing Resistors / Shunt from Ty-Ohm
For the application of current sensing, Ty-Ohm offers a wide range of shunt resistors in axial, in SMD- and in wire-bridge version.
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Varistors, NTC’s and NTC Sensors, PTC’s and Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT’s) from Thinking
For the protection of the electronic circuit and for temperature-sensing purposes, the company Thinking from Taiwan provides a full range of Voltage- and Temperature- dependent Resistors.
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EMI–Filter from High & Low /Taiwan
The company High & Low from Taiwan offers a wide range of EMI-Noise Suppression Filters. With a monthly output of up to 3 Mio. filter-units the production in Shenzhen belongs to the biggest manufacturing hubs of EMI-filter in China.

The product-range covers Single Phase Filter like e.g. IEC Inlet Filter, Power Entry Modules, Single Phase Block Filter, Home Appliance Filter and Medical Equipment Filter, as well as a wide range of Three Phase Filter.