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Aluminium-Multilayer-Polymer Capacitors by XLPC

For their production Tantalum-Chip-Capacitors require the raw material high-purity Tantalum. The capacitance-value shows a strong frequency-dependency. In order to operate the components safely and reliably, a strong voltage-derating of up to 30%-50% below the nominal voltage has to be applied. A wrong polarization, a too high voltage or a ripple-current overload lead to a short and the destruction of the capacitor, they might start to burn.

MLCC’s are sensitive to mechanical stress and may have a strong capacitance-drift depending on voltage and temperature. Periodical voltages due to the Piezo effect can cause vibrations, which can lead to disturbances on the PCB.

In contrast, Aluminium-Multilayer-Polymer Capacitors from XLPC by the Man Yue-group feature the following characteristics:

  • The layered Aluminium-foil (anode) has a high electric strength. Therefore the capacitors can be operated without a voltage-derating.
  • The cathode-material is made of highly-conductive solid polymer, therefore the XLPC’s have an extremely low ESR.
  • The resulting low power-loss in operation also leads to a low generation of heat. This enables for high power applications a dense arrangement of the components on the PCB.
  • Due to the very low ESR, the XLPC’s have a very high rating of ripple-currents even in small dimensions.
  • The nominal capacitance has a high stability within the total range of the operating-temperature (-40°C/+105°C) and against DC Bias.
  • A high stability of the capacitance is also given for the combination of high frequency, extreme temperatures and the applied rated voltage.
  • Polymer does not burn. By using aluminium and polymer, in case of failure the flammability of the capacitor or smoke formation can almost be excluded. Thus, XLPC’s are safer than Tantalum-Chip-Capacitors.
  • XLPC’s have a higher strength than Tantalum-Chip-Capacitors and MLCC’s against pulse-voltages which are above the rated voltage.
  • The high electrical and thermal robustness of the capacitor assures a high reliability and a long lifetime-expectancy.
  • The lifetime is specified with 1000 hours at 105°C. For each reduction of the temperature by 20°C, the lifetime-expectancy of the capacitor increases by the factor 10.
  • By using XLPC’s as a replacement of Tantalum-Chip-Capacitors and MLCC’s, the amount of components on the PCB can be significantly reduced.

The MPL-series from XLPC’s is available in the capacitance-values of 6.8µF to 470µF and with voltages of 2V to 16V. Die ESR-values are in the range of 6 mOhm to 70 mOhm. The length of the components is 7.3mm, the width is 4.3mm and the height is either 1.9mm or 2.8mm (case size G19 and G28 – EIA Code 7343).

Next to XLPC, the company Panasonic offers with the the SP-Cap’s an equivalent product-group of layered Aluminium Polymer Capacitors.
For further information please see the datasheet of the MPL-series from XLPC. For further information or sample-requests please do not hesitate to contact us.