As the European sales representation of our manufacturers, our company is providing the connecting link to the direct customers and distributors. The focus of our line card is on capacitors and resistors. I’m very glad about your interest in our products and I’m always at your disposal for your inquiries.

Dieter Burger



For more than 30 years, Man Yue from Hong Kong has been producing Aluminium-Electrolytic-Capacitors. In the global ranking it is listed on the sixth place, right after the leading Japanese manufacturers (Source: Paumanok Publications Inc., 2014).

The accumulated competence in the development and production of capacitors, combined with the ambition to continuously extend the capacitor-range by progressive solutions, Man Yue has become an innovative supplier of different types of capacitors.

For these types of capacitors, Man Yue applies a Multi-Brand-Strategy. The resulting differentiation underlines the unique positioning of each brand within the company and on the market.

The brands from Man Yue are:

SAMXON Aluminium-Electrolytic-Capacitors
nanoForce Supercapacitors (Ultracapacitors, Electric Double-Layer Capacitors)
X-CON Polymer-Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
XLPC Aluminium-Multilayer Polymer Capacitors