As the European sales representation of our manufacturers, our company is providing the connecting link to the direct customers and distributors. The focus of our line card is on capacitors and resistors. I’m very glad about your interest in our products and I’m always at your disposal for your inquiries.

Dieter Burger

Man Yue - Alu EcapssamxonSamxon has gained more than 30 years` experience in the production of radial, Snap-in and Screw-terminal electrolytic capacitors.
The factory in Dongguan/China is the biggest factory globally to produce Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors.
As the first non-Japanese manufacturer, Samxon succeeded with 105°C/10.000 hours capacitors to be used in the electronic ballasts from Philips Lighting and Osram. For power supplies the market-leader Delta from Taiwan  is one of  the reference-customers. In white goods the capacitors from Samxon are used e.g. by Miele. In Smart Meters from Enel/Italy mainly the electrolytic capacitors from Samxon are being applied.
There is a long list of reference-customers and for further information please send us your request for the company-presentation.

The 2015 highlight-products are depicted by the following series:
SK -series:    105°C/6.000 – 10.000 hours, 6.3V – 50V, high ripple-currents, extremly low impedance at high frequencis.
RH-series:    105°C/10.000 – 12.000 hours, 160V – 500V, high ripple-currents.
RC-series:    130°C/5.000 – 6.000 hours,  160V – 450V, high ripple-currents at high frequencies.

LP-series:    Snap-in, 85°C/2.000 hours, 10V – 500V, General Purpose.
KP-series:    Snap-in, 105°C/3.000 hours, 10V – 450V.
EP-series:    Snap-in, 105°C/5.000 hours, 10V – 450V, high ripple-currents.

WR-series:    Screw-terminal types, 85°C/2.000 hours.
WH-series:    Screw-terminal types, 85°C/10.000 hours, high ripple-currents.

Detailled information referring the complete product-range can be found here.